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> Just a thought before I forget - there may be terms/definitions you 
> borrow from the HumanML effort. Despite there being good 
representation by
> RDF'ers in the group, for some reason the standard came out as XSD, 
but at
> least the definitions are in the spirit of RDF...
> http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/humanmarkup/

Thanks for that - there are deinitions for community and group:



and it is interesting to see your their ideas differ from mine ;)

They ar using community to general describe what I was thinking of as 
a group (well at least a special interest group - i.e. a group of 
people you share interests with). Their group seems just like a 
collection of people and my definition of community was to describe 
something like a community space where people come together and 
interact as a way to draw together the various FOAF files of the 
people who make up the human element of a web site, etc. (and then 
use RSS 1.x files to describe the various pages, posts, documents, 
etc. which the interaction of the human element create). Am I being 
to FAOF-centric? ;)

Anyway interesting stuff and a lot to chew over there.

On the SIG I posted I suspect the description could have a non_URI 
identifier as it doesn't describe a site or document or anything you 
could point to:

<dc:title>Docmentation on the Motorbike enthusiasts</dc:title>
<dc:description>Details of the group, their interests and 
affiliations and the various entities that make up this 
<dc:source rdf:about="http://www.rdfweb.org/sig/34.rdf" />



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