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Sat Dec 14 17:56:45 UTC 2002

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> Subject: myers briggs
> So, I don't believe in such things, but it'd be fun.

Indeed. There are so many different facets that can be considered for group
forming. I'm no believer than any of these metadata elements should be used for
exlusionary filtering. Their presense is just another way for people to get a
little bit more of a mental picture of others.

> Hardly urgent, but I've been wondering about a namespace for such
> things since the last time I did one of these surveys, and
> reminded me how annoying and
> interesting this'd be, all at the same time.

I've had one in development for a while.

> Easiest thing would be to create foaf:myersBriggs predicate as suggested
> by Jim in that blog thread. Those with more time to kill could draft a
> representation of the per-axis weightings...
> Let's do the easy thing and add a single property, as already used by
> Jim: <myers:myersBriggs>INTP</myers:myersBriggs>

I'd imagined using <mbti:MBTI>INTP</mbti:MBTI> since there's considerable
confusion on how to spell the name. Is it Myers or Meyers?

> We'd need pointers to some better documentation than the quiz above, I guess.

My doc/schema does attempt to explain some of it.

> Also worth noting that using a single flat property will make it hard to
> query for all the "I"s or "N"s via the usual RDF APIs and query languages.
> But same goes with geekcodes. The detail can be fleshed out in another
> namespace later. Putting it all in a structured string might be a bit
> unfriendly to certain RDF tools, but is a simple enough way to get started...

This was why I asked question about this a few weeks ago.

The thought being that if an RDF tool was "smart enough" to understand that the
acronyms are

I'd be just as happy to avoid using "yet another new namespace" and put it
inside something like this:


This would allow a fair bit of extensibility without grafting everything into
foaf a la <foaf:kitchenSink/>. I'm completely unsure if that's a 'valid' RDF
statement or not. I'm open to suggestions. But it might give us an interesting
way to extend foaf a bit.

On an a related tangent, Morten's got a Dublin Core "issued" date for this
birthday. I suppose it'd be interesting to create an astrological sign element
too. Perhaps <foaf:sign>Gemini</foaf:sign>? I could whip up a schema for it.
It might be an interesting way to use dc:coverage temporal ranges for the

-Bill Kearney

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