foaf as semantic web sampler

Dan Brickley danbri at w...
Sun Dec 15 17:27:46 UTC 2002

I've been thinking about Bill's comment re schema bloat, and why it 
seems to me to be ok to have a few things in FOAF like foaf:myersBriggs, 
while not trying to be completist in our coverage of (say) personality 
tests or location/address info.

It boils down to the notion that FOAF is a sampler, or advance-warning 
teaser, for the Semantic Web. We do enough to give people a flavour of how 
things might be, and enough to flush out some of the technical and social 
issues raised by RDF/SemWeb. Pursuing this, and trying to build something 
fun at the same time, it is quite reasonable to have the mix of classes 
and properties we seem to be evolving for FOAF, while not trying to be 

BTW there's a _big_ list of tests at that 
you might find fun...

Righto, back to fiddling with the hard drive booting setup for my PC. There 
goes the weekend...


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