[rdfweb-dev] foaf as semantic web sampler

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Mon Dec 16 13:17:14 UTC 2002

I agree. I could use some more robust RDF schema examples. There's questions
about constraints and stuff that aren't clear to me. I've not found much in the
way of a 'dummies guide to rdf schemata' yet.

One real key to interoperability is not just using the same namespace. It's in
finding what, from different namespaces (and ontologies), most suitably
expresses your data's intent. Being able to use existing efforts stands the
chance of building on the network effect. While it's certainly possible to make
up whatever elements you want, making use of existing ones will help in the long
run. The hassle is the act of casting a wide enough net and then picking out
the right stuff is pretty hard. This is not an RDF-specific problem, to be
sure. But RDF's grammatical requirements do often stand as an additional
barrier. After making the somewhat exhausting climb to learn XML and then to
rummage around for namespaces means there's not a log of patience left for them
to relearn it all in RDF-speak. Not complaining, mind you, just stating


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> One thing I think is neat about rdfweb stuff is that it gets people
> writing their own schemas to complement foaf as well as adding to foaf
> itself. foaf seems to be a springboard for related schemas. I think if
> we can build up a body of expertise that can help people create useful,
> interoperable schemas, we'll have done something very worthwhile.
> Libby

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