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Ian Davis iand at i...
Wed Dec 18 17:04:13 UTC 2002

On Wednesday, 18 December 2002 at 15:46, jamescarlyle <jamescarlyle at t...> wrote:
> http://www.friendster.com
> Friendster is operated by Friendster, Inc., a privately held 
> corporation, headquartered in Silicon Valley, CA. The company was 
> founded in 2002 by entrepreneur Jonathan Abrams.
I signed up to explore but I've only got one friend there :(

> The thing that pissed me off about Ryze was that even after I'd
> contributed time to my profile (admittedly not much), the site 
> usability experience was destroyed by constant in-your-face 
> incentives to upgrade to paid membership, such as the pivot feature 
> that allowed me to see who else had similar interests. And Ryze 
> owned my data, even though I had contributed it.
I think FOAF enables Ryze-like applications to exist as mediators,
aggregating foaf and enabling interaction from the data. foafnaut is
a nice example of a FOAF aggregator.

> 1) In a discussion about Friendster earlier today, Ian Davis 
> suggested evangelising FOAF rdf to Ryze and Friendster, at least as 
> an export format. Since they are likely to resist diluting their 
> aggregated data value, could they be persuaded at least to allow the 
> export of personal profile data as FOAF?
It would be great if these systems could read my FOAF and pre-fill
their forms for me. If they preserved the link to a member's FOAF as
well then I can use them to discover new FOAF to link to.

-- Ian

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