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Wed Dec 18 17:57:12 UTC 2002

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> >
> >Not sure if this is what you mean, but I'm intending to add 
a "Notify
> >Friends" feature to the FOAF-a-Matic Mark 2 which will allow you to
> >email those people you're listing as friends to let them know that
> >
> >a. you're created a FOAF description, and
> >b. you've listed them
> My jaw fell open when I saw Jame's reference to viral marketing
> but put in as above it does actually sound a very good idea. The 
only thing
> that would bother me is others creating a similar system, but with 
an ugly
> payload ("Reduce your bandwidth with HGH!") - though I guess that's 
> out of our hands.

In responsible hands the viral techniques are a great idea along the 
lines of a 'recommend this link to a friend' kind of page. I think it 
is a great idea and have been inspired to use something similar 
myself eventually (see below).
> Has anyone made much progress with backend systems for this stuff? 

Me ;)

I have FOAFed one of the communities I'm involved with and have 
introduced various tools to allow people to add/edit extra details - 
see this thread for discussion of this:

Its not as flexible as if you were writing it by hand (and I've yet 
to add the ability to add images, school/work homepages and 
current/past projects) but the number of tables required would get a 
little out of hand (I'm using 5 as well as the main user details).


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