[rdfweb-dev] FOAF Skills

Eric Vitiello Jr. eric at p...
Thu Dec 19 14:27:36 UTC 2002

>I'm sure this is not a new idea.

>I've been thinking about profiling skills in FOAF with a twist. The
>traditional CV is a list of employers, academic achievements and
>skills which was born from a lack of communication capability between
>employers, i.e. they have to rely on you telling them what you've done
>because they cannot possibly gather the information themselves.

Check out Jennifer Golbeck's trust :

also, my trust schema: http://www.perceive.net/schemas/trust/

Jen's, and my trust schema allows the definition of how much you trust a
persona in a given subject:


<trust:trustsPerson rdf:resource="#JibberJim"/>


<Person rdf:about="#JibberJim">

I don't advocate one over the other, but Jennifer's does have more
infrastructure around it (a crawler that gathers the data, and a bot in the
#foaf and #mindswap channels on irc.openprojects.net... so I'd have to lean
a bit towards her description method.

I think her schema is probably exactly what you're looking for.


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