[rdfweb-dev] Re: foaf use case: vegetarian / airline bookings

Ian Davis iand at i...
Thu Dec 19 15:36:16 UTC 2002

On Thursday, 19 December 2002 at 13:47, jagolbec <golbeck at c...> wrote:
> i'd like to put in a plug for my vegetarian ontology, quite possibly
> the most over - expressed thing ever to exist

> http://www.cs.umd.edu/~golbeck/daml/vegetarian.daml
Wonderfully descriptive. I like the use of daml:complementOf to
denote every food except those listed.

> but rather accurate, i think :)
But you missed fruitarians and Jains, although the rdf might be a
little tricky in the latter case :)

-- Ian

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