[rdfweb-dev] foaf use case: vegetarian / airline bookings

Bill Kearney wkearney99 at h...
Thu Dec 19 15:53:54 UTC 2002

> I'm still in two minds about the Wordnet thing in general. I think
> having nouns and adjectives to point at is incredibly useful, I just
> get wound up by some of the arbitrariness of Wordnet's content and
> relations. For example, the Vegetarian class[2] is a subclass of
> Something which appears to be a subclass of itself.

Perhaps the fresh set of the great unwashed out here in RSS-land can help
discover the ambiguities and help 'em get fixed? As more of us beat on this
stuff the rough edges start to show. Let's work on helping the other efforts
fix stuff where they can. I too like the Wordnet possiblities. Combining them
with stuff like NewsML, IPTC, PRISM, XFML, XTM and TopicMaps is going to lead in
interesting directions.

-Bill Kearney

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