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Ian Davis iand at i...
Thu Dec 19 16:51:06 UTC 2002

On Thursday, 19 December 2002 at 16:20, Bill Kearney wrote:
>> It just occurred to me that I can't expect friends and employers to
>> know my entire skillset. Perhaps I should declare my skills and allow
>> others to declare how they rate me on each skill.

> Does Advogato have some research done in this area?
Aside from the trust metric work you mean? No I don't think so.

> Doing job skills does seem like a fine idea but fraught with a whole bunch of
> issues about insecurities, jealousies and just plain ugly human nature hassles.
> They're out there and they can't be avoided but I'd hope to avoid something cool
> like Foaf being seen as a HR weapon used against people. The last thing we need
> is another way to statistically fold, spindle and mutliate [1] us as just
> "career drones".
It's funny. I see it only as a positive thing if people can rate my
skills. I'm happy to be rated as a novice in things that I am
genuinely am (Ruby) and advanced in others (Perl).

Anyway this problem is not a new one (sudden feeling of Deja Vu). One
can put up a web page about someone else describing just what one
thinks of them and their skills. In fact the first thing I do when
reading someone's cv is to google for them to see what they have been
saying and what people have been saying about them.

Formalising this referee mechanism also allows for the referees to be
rated on their accuracy. I can compare like with like.

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