FOAF-a-Matic beta-1

Leigh Dodds leigh at l...
Fri Dec 20 13:36:50 UTC 2002


I've just uploaded the first beta of the FOAF-a-Matic Mark 2 [1].

This first beta is limited to just data entry and FOAF creation
as I've not added the import options yet, but they're next on my list.
At this point I'd ideally like to get feedback on what people think of the
application, its user interface, etc.

There's loads more FOAF information that the application could be capturing
but these will be easy to add now I've got the main application together.

If you do sniff about in the code (included in the zip along with
javadoc, build files, etc) then you'll notice that its not "RDF-y"
internally -- it just manages Annotable objects which can be serialized
as RDF. I'm not sure yet whether I should just ditch that and using
something like Jena instead. Any comments appreciated.

To use the application just unzip it somewhere and use one of the
available scripts to run it. If you're on Windows you should also
just be able to just double-click on foaf-a-matic.jar.

Hope you like it!

...I'm sure there's going to be a big embarrassing bug somewhere...



Leigh Dodds
"Pluralitas non est ponenda sine necessitate" -- William of Ockham

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