Notation3 Wiki

Ian Davis iand at i...
Fri Dec 20 15:51:16 UTC 2002

This is something I knocked up a couple of nights ago to learn more
about N3.

It's a Wiki that uses N3 as its underlying format. It's written in
Perl, runs as a CGI and uses RDF::Notation3 to parse the N3.

Each wiki is bound to a particular namespace and when the N3 is
rendered as HTML for browsing, any resources in that namespace are
linked to their wiki page automatically. If the resource has no wiki
page defined then a hyperlinked question mark appears after the name
indicating that you can create the N3 definition by following the

Each page can be viewed as HTML, RDF or the raw N3.

A demo of it working is here:

Create new resources by browsing the the appropriate page, e.g.:

I chose RDF/N3 over RDF/XML because cvs integration will work better
when I get around to adding page histories.

Might find some use in building vocabularies collaboratively.

It's only hacked together really, so expect bugs, gotchas and
unexplainable behaviour.

-- Ian <iand at i...>
"Chance favors only the prepared mind."

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