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Fri Dec 20 16:34:23 UTC 2002

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> But users wouldn't notice this capability until their browser looked
> for this info, and supported a FOAF lookup. That would require
> modifying Web browsers, a long and difficult task.

Modifying web browsers is easy, you do it with javascript, and use any
number of extension methods, IE's context menu methods are perhaps best
for those which have lots of script, for a simple email address/sha1
lookup all you need though is a bookmarklet.

(i=0;i<sha1s.length;i++) { if (sha1s[i].className=='sha1')
[i].innerHTML+"</a>";};void 0

which will turn:

<span class="sha1" title="35022 ...">something</span>

Where the title is the sha1sum of the email address.


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