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Fri Dec 20 17:48:52 UTC 2002

--- In rdfweb-dev at, "Leigh Dodds" <leigh at l...> wrote:
> If the pages had a LINK tag that either identified the user, or
pointed to
> their FOAF file (which would be niced) you could do this now with a
> bookmarklet which picked out the info and diverted the browser to a
> directory application.

Assuming s/niced/nicer/, I think the only way to identify the user
must be the sha1sum_mbox. The URL of the FOAF file would be
impossible to update in old archives (I can't bug the maintainers of
every archive in the world if I switch hosts) and the e-mail address
is vulnerable to spammers.

So, does anyone have an existing service that takes a sha1sum_mbox
and returns the FOAF information about the user? If not, I'll look
into building such a service.

--amk (
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