Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names

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Ian Davis and I used the Getty Thesaurus at Calaba and we have a fair 
bit of experience of working with it's idiosyncrasies. We were 
disambiguating place names in hierarchical web sites, looking for 
e.g. London in South Africa, and classifying pages accordingly.

TGN is available in a machine readable format, from which can be 
generated. But the license is expensive (was $10K for commercial 
usage) and the licensing terms disallow the republishing of the 
thesaurus in a verbatim form - i.e. it's okay to use it for internal 
disambiguation, but not okay to publish in RDF through a web 
interface like xmlns/wordnet.

It's pretty complete (250K place names worldwide?) but for one 
country [1] we know about, annoying in it's accuracy, which can be 

[1] I think of Leeds being in Yorkshire, being in the U.K. But TGN 
thinks that Leeds is a unitary authority and is a peer of Yorkshire, 
both being children of the U.K.

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