[rdfweb-dev] FOAF-a-Matic beta-1

Leigh Dodds leigh at l...
Mon Dec 23 08:55:07 UTC 2002

Hi Libby,

> ooo, great!
> I just had a go and I'm really impressed leigh (this is on mac os x).

thanks! :)

> I think there was a small friend buglet - a person didn't disapear from
> the form when I added them and added rather than updated. But I really
> like the format.

Ooops meant to fix that one before I released. Have done it now, and also
added an explicit clear button to reset the fields.

I also spotted a bug with the RDF generation: foaf:mbox was a literal not
a resource. (There's my embarrassing bug!) Have fixed this, and both will
be in the next release. As will FOAF autodiscovery -- my dev version can
now respond to some simple HTTP requests (e.g. dump FOAF data to browser,
and eventually "add friend from this url").

> Copy and paste would be good....

Copy-and-paste into individual fields ought to work (does on windows
anyway, you just have to use the keyboard short-cuts).

Or did you mean something else?

> It worked straight away from the terminal with ./run.sh
> I'm very impressed :))

Excellent. Thanks for giving it a go.



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