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Mon Dec 23 11:58:18 UTC 2002

I'm not sure how I missed it first time around, but I've just been 
prodded into action by FOAF-A-Matic discovered via BoingBoing and Ben 
Hammersley. I recognise a number of familiar faces here ;) As usual YG! 
is not the friendliest of archive formats to use to try and catch up so 
forgive me if I go over old ground.

A quick look in the archives turned up the Friendster thread and mention 
of Ryze. This is of interest to me as I'm webmaster for a gloriously 
messy website called Ecademy. One of the things we do there is a Network 
tool that is somewhat like Ryze's private messages or a web version of 
MSN Messenger. It's appeal is that you can begin a dialogue with an 
unknown in a space where you don't have to expose your true name if you 
don't want to. A side effect is that I've been building a FOAF network 
by just tracking who talks to who. We've been exploring ways of 
exploiting that data to offer services such as "Who do I know who could 
introduce me to this person"

Last night I hacked an FOAF RDF export into the system and created a 
little blue glyph (somewhat like the little orange XML glyph) to put on 
everyone's profile page to link to it. It was done in a rush so please 
point out any errors in my RDF coding.

Which is all a long winded way of announcing that my FOAF is at
This is an entry point into a rich network of 3500 nodes and 10,000 
links between nodes.

My own profile page is at

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