Ecademy FOAF

Ian Davis iand at i...
Mon Dec 23 14:14:51 UTC 2002

Julian's sterling work on producing usable FOAF from Ecademy makes me
wonder whether FOAF could be used as an interchange format between the
various networking sites. Perhaps when you search Ecademy for a name
it could federate the search to other networking sites using FOAF to
fulfill the search.

I guess the biggest obstacle to this happening is the fact that the
majority of these sites are commercial in nature and they see their
commercial value in the information they hold on people and their
relationships. I wonder whether FOAF will be the catalyst that drives
these sites to discover the value in the higher orders of the network.
If the base interconnections are open and freely available, then they
will have to add value in other ways, perhaps with enhanced searches,
FOAF management facilities, offline events.

-- Ian <iand at i...>
"Minds are like books - they work best when open"

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