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Mon Dec 23 15:30:53 UTC 2002

Bill Kearney <wkearney99 at h...> wrote:
>Is this defaulted to not visible?


>And if personA has foaf:knows of personB,C and D, are you sha1 encoding the
>addresses anyway? If a user wants to expose their own mailbox that's 
>one thing.
>But having them expose the mail of others, regardless of how the other user set
>it, seems like a bad idea. To clarify, userA and userB hide, userC does not.
>userA publishing userC *should* hide it. userC publishing userA should also
>hide it. I'd be worried that assuming userC not being hidden allows 
>userA and B
>to publish would be a bad idea.
>A rule of /always/ use hashes when publishing the addresses of anyone 
>other than
>yourself seems like a prudent plan. The hash then becomes the
>search/facet/pivot point for linking all this.

My particular situation with Ecademy is probably a special case.
- Every user has a flag defaulting to off for email address exposure.
- I always put in the SHA1 hash both for the primary person and for 
their friends
- I put in the email address for the primary *if* they have flagged it 
as OK
- I put in the email address for each friend *if* each friend has 
flagged it as OK.
- Users have the ability to hide their directory detail completely. I 
respect that both for their record and for the friends entries.

I can do this because I'm working from a common dataset. If I was 
building the RDF file by hand from a personal database, I agree with 
Bill that I would only put in SHA1 hashes for the friends.

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