[rdfweb-dev] Newbie trying to catch up

Bill Kearney wkearney99 at h...
Mon Dec 23 15:51:08 UTC 2002

> - I put in the email address for each friend *if* each friend has
> flagged it as OK.

Can you reconsider this? I'd rather avoid seeing anyone mistakenly publish
their e-mail address thinking it means one thing and then having it republished
by others. It'd be one thing to make my address visible on a "my info" sort of
page. It'd be another (undesirable) option to have that be assumed to mean "you
can publish it too".

> - Users have the ability to hide their directory detail completely. I
> respect that both for their record and for the friends entries.

Unless a person's own account has two levels of visiblity it's going to get
messy. Besides, in all this foaf stuff, if you have my hash you can use it to
resolve my address. You can use your locally known addresses to make hashes and
check them against foafs. So if I've mailed you then you have everything you
need to know to check for me in foaf-space. Simply hash my address and look for
it. The reverse, having the hash and not finding an address does make contact
me an extra step. This is where a trusted portal or something would be useful
for 'connecting the dots'.

Something like, I'm signed in and I have a foaf that I've published. Send a
message for me to this foaf hashed address. Much like most mailto: web forms.

> I can do this because I'm working from a common dataset. If I was
> building the RDF file by hand from a personal database, I agree with
> Bill that I would only put in SHA1 hashes for the friends.

I'n not sure how it would be any different. Publishing anything other than your
own e-mail address with hashing /seems/ like it should be easy enough to

-Bill Kearney

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