Qualifying knows

Doug Ransom doug.ransom at a...
Tue Dec 31 15:11:02 UTC 2002

I agree with this. Knows is a fuzzy concept -- how well so I know Bill 
Kearney? We exchanged an email once. The degree of truth of "Doug 
knows Bill Kearney" is about 0.05.

If I know Bill, and Bill Knows Jack, what can I infer about my 
relationship with Jack?
- I can trust Jack less than I can trust Bill
- I can trust Bill less than Jack trusts Bill

I would suggest an Algebraic product for the fuzzy intersection AND.
I trust Jack=(I trust Bill AND Bill Trusts Jack)

anything else we can really infer from these?

Bill Kearney wrote:

> I've said this before and I'll say it again, foaf needs some better 
> delineation
> of grouping. "knows" without qualifiers is NOT enough. This lacking 
> will turn
> people off the concept. It's been my experience that to most folks 
> who you know
> is not as important as how you know them.
> -Bill Kearney

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