[rdfweb-dev] mini foaf meet 4th Jan London?

Dan Brickley danbri at w...
Tue Dec 31 17:55:18 UTC 2002

I'll be around London (well LHR airport) from ~noon, could meet folks
anywhere. Bandwidth would be fun, as would lunch'n'brainstorming.

FWIW I now have a compaq ipaq, there's an outside chance I'll have it 
with GPRS connectivity by the 4th, though probably won't be coding on 
it by then! I like the idea of someone beaming it a vCard (dunno if 
pocketpc/wince and Palms can interop like that) and using it as a key 
into foaf lookup, eg. the codepiction path finder...

Anyways, see some of you soon. Merry new year!


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