FOAF Questions and RSS 1.0 Integration

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Fri Jul 5 16:09:25 UTC 2002

Good day, all. I just got back from reading edd's FOAF article over at dW 
[1], and again, FOAF has piqued my curiosity. I think I first ran across it 
in regards to spam whitelisting. Some people on this list may know me as 
the creator of AmphetaDesk [2], an open sourced RSS news aggregator/reader.

In the article, edd asks:

* How can you join FOAF to other established and emerging community
tools such as mailing lists, IRC/chat, weblogs, RSS, and wikis?

Can't FOAF data be included right within an <item>?

<item rdf:about="">
<title>Essentially... Blogging Cats?</title>
<description> ... </description>
<dc:creator>Aaron Swartz</dc:creator>
<foaf:name>Morbus Iff</foaf:name>
<foaf:mbox rdf:resource="mailto:morbus at d..." />

AmphetaDesk doesn't check the structure of RSS documents, so if someone 
included this information within a RSS feed, I'd be able to immediately 
tweak the templates to start supporting it (likewise, anyone using v0.93 
would be able to demo or do it as well).

By and large, I'm very attracted to the FOAF idea. With RSS neighborhoods, 
MT Trackbacks, Referrer blurbling, blogrolling, etc. all popping around, 
FOAF in an RSS feed is almost a "next step" (relatively) sort of thing. 
Without extra coding, unfortunately, AmphetaDesk would only be able to 
display the FOAF data - not aggregate or do anything special.

I'm also upset to not see a "personal notes" field for FOAF. My memory is 
like the devil - I've got a good dozen people in my IM that I have no 
recollection of why they're there. I don't want to delete them and break 
the chain, but I'm also afraid "who are you?" and get back a stern "the 
mistress that stops by on Tuesdays".

Aaron suggested rdfs:comment [3] but, in my lack of knowledge, I'm not sure 
why that's a better idea than foaf:comment. From a end-user standpoint, I'm 
not sure they'd (I'd) understand WHY there's an rdfs:comment instead of a 

What's the difference between foaf:image and foaf:depiction? Why is 
foaf:interest singular when foaf:knows and foaf:publications aren't?

What needs to be done?


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