FOAF-a-matic 0.3 + Questions

Leigh Dodds leigh at l...
Thu Jul 11 13:47:39 UTC 2002

* 0.3.
- Reworked all Javascript, separating out helper objects
and functions (foaf.js) and form processing (foaf-a-matic.js).
- Added more FOAF properties, including schoolHomepage,
workInfoHomepage, phone, firstName, surname, title.
- Also added mbox_sha1sum as suggested by danbri, using Paul
Johnston's SHA1 implementation for Javascript.
- Multiple friends can now be added.
- Added an introduction.

* 0.2.
- Fixed missing 'mailto:' prefix on friends mbox and
typo (workhomepage => workplaceHomepage)

Next up is likely to be Documents and Projects. Note that I haven't added
Jim's RDF stuff yet, because I wanted to make an end user tool, and seeing
triples is not that friendly. I'll probably add a 'advanced' mode or
something to allow these extras. Suggestions welcome though.

A few questions:

* where should a FOAF description live so it can be spidered? Are they
discovered, or is there somewhere to submit them? I'd like to add this
to the docs.

* Has anyone thought of adding familial relationships (wife, husband, son,

* Property suggestions: 'wishlist' (e.g. Amazon wishlist) and 'readinglist'



Leigh Dodds
"Pluralitas non est ponenda sine necessitate" -- William of Ockham

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