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Thu Jul 11 14:22:54 UTC 2002

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Leigh Dodds wrote:
> http://www.ldodds.com/foaf/foaf-a-matic.html
> * 0.3.
> - Reworked all Javascript, separating out helper objects
> and functions (foaf.js) and form processing (foaf-a-matic.js).
> - Added more FOAF properties, including schoolHomepage,
> workInfoHomepage, phone, firstName, surname, title.
> - Also added mbox_sha1sum as suggested by danbri, using Paul
> Johnston's SHA1 implementation for Javascript.
> - Multiple friends can now be added.
> - Added an introduction.
> * 0.2.
> - Fixed missing 'mailto:' prefix on friends mbox and
> typo (workhomepage => workplaceHomepage)

very cool :)

> Next up is likely to be Documents and Projects. Note that I haven't added
> Jim's RDF stuff yet, because I wanted to make an end user tool, and seeing
> triples is not that friendly. I'll probably add a 'advanced' mode or
> something to allow these extras. Suggestions welcome though.

Random Suggestion: make an 'I know this person' Javascript bookmarklet 
that jumps users to your form page when they presss it. You could 
(mumble mumble) do something to catalogue folks home page or photos they 
appear in based on that. I guess this'd be a fairly different form to 
your current one.

> A few questions:
> * where should a FOAF description live so it can be spidered? Are they
> discovered, or is there somewhere to submit them? I'd like to add this
> to the docs.

Good question.

Basic idea is that they're just more documents in the Web. So some 
writeable www space. Should note that geocites etc might rewrite the 
markup and break the xml wellformedness.

The best (though not simplest) discovery mechanism is hypertext. One RDF 
FOAF file can have an rdfs:seeAlso pointer to another.

Other tricks: Libby has a www form that adds an RDF url to her 
'scutterplan' document (ie. list of starting points).

http://swordfish.rdfweb.org/discovery/2001/08/codepict/ ->
http://swordfish.rdfweb.org/rweb/addurl ->

I was wondering about a Wiki page where folk could just scribble URLs, 
or a mailing list. Lots of things we _could_ do... would be nice to do 
some of them soon.

The other idea is LINK REL from homepages, though exact details would 
need nailing down (mimetype etc)

> * Has anyone thought of adding familial relationships (wife, husband, son,
> etc)?

Yes. Never got around to it. I use foaf:sister and foaf:wife somewhere, 
but never added to schema. We should add a whole bunch. How far to go 
though, foaf:secondCousin ?

> * Property suggestions: 'wishlist' (e.g. Amazon wishlist) and 'readinglist'

2nd'd (both), though we might want to define Document subclasses for 
both these too, so that the amazon'yness of the wishlist could be made 
explicit, or the subject/theme/topic of the reading list.

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