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Fri Jul 12 12:34:03 UTC 2002

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Morbus Iff wrote:
>>So we should probably start a Wiki page on FOAFSpiderRules to keep track
>>of divergence amongst implementations. Counting my (now defunct) Perl
>>original, we have perl scutter mk1 (undocumented and dead); Libby's Java
> I can resurrect and maintain the Perl software, if you're interested. URLs?

Thanks for the offer, but I fear it was 'one to throw away'. Well, 
that's not quite fair... There was a mix of stuff in there, much 
incomplete. The underlying triple store wasn't easy to maintain, and 
would be better replaced by something like Redland now. But i thought 
the API was shaping up...

What there is is mostly findable from
http://ilrt.org/discovery/2001/06/rdfperl/ (this was an RDF library we 
were working on at ILRT).

The bit I like the most is the node-centric RDF API. You can create
node objects (with associated RDF datasources). Then thru a cute hack, 
you can make it look like RDF properties are perl methods.

see http://ilrt.org/discovery/2001/06/rdfperl/current/t/harmony.pl

...for an example.

foreach ( $mem->GetSources( $A.'Event', $RDF.'type') ) {
my $event = new RDF::API::Node( $_, $mem);
print "Found an event: ", dc_title $event, "\n";

...here dc_title is a perl method that returns the value (dc__title 
would get multiple values) of the dc:title property of the node.

Have a rummage around, see if you find anything that catches your 
interest. What imho we really need is a pretty API like this, on top of 
a store that does provenance tracking and smushing. Edd has some stuff 
on top of Redland in the pipeline, might be worth hanging on to take a 
look at that...



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