FOAF 0.1: Organized, Explained, Collated, Part One

Morbus Iff morbus at d...
Fri Jul 12 16:27:41 UTC 2002

This is meant to be a clarification of the "FOAF Schema: Contents" as shown 
in the 0.1 spec. As opposed to a tabular view, I went blockish to prevent 
browser scrolling (as currently happens). I only have this in text form, 
because I have no permaURL to place it at.

I've also "organized" the various FOAF elements. I found this necessary 
because there was no evolutionary build up ("alright, you got your name 
crap done, now tell us about...") inherent in the spec as written, so users 
wouldn't know where to start (without auxiliary info like edd's dW).

I've also included some notes and thoughts. The information below is ONLY 
thought of in the sense of a :Person, as that's only what I've run across. 
Is there information available for :Organization, :Project and :Document? 
How do :Project and :Document related to the "friend" in "FOAF"?

This email is here for mainly one intent:

- to fully inundate myself with FOAF.
- to ask the questions that occur due to inundation.
- to assert my own suggestions to improve FOAF.
- to document things as I go.

There will probably be more of them in the future (thus "Part One").
Note that, by far, I know very little about RDF, so keep that in mind.

Identifying :Person Elements
These elements strictly deal with identifying the resource.

A web-identifiable Internet mailbox associated with exactly one owner, the 
first owner of this mailbox. This property is a 'static unambiguous 
property', in that there is (across time and change) at most one individual 
that has any particular personal mailbox. Be sure to preface the mailbox 
(also "email address") with the "mailto:" URI scheme.

<foaf:mbox rdf:resource="mailto:morbus at d..." />

name, firstName, surname, givenname
A name for this FOAF resource. Further clarification of this element can be 
accomplished through use of the 'firstName', 'surname', and 'givenname' 
elements. In the example, below, 'name' was set as a pseudonym, and 
'givenname' was set as the realworld name.

<foaf:name>Morbus Iff</foaf:name>
<foaf:givenname>Kevin Hemenway</foaf:givenname>

A short informal nickname characterising an agent
(includes login identifiers, IRC and other chat nicknames).

<foaf:nick>Morbus Iff</foaf:nick>

Formal title of the named resource.


So, there's that. Have I missed any name-related items? Suggestions:

- Change givenname to givenName to match case of firstName.
- is "nick" better than "pseudonym" (typing wise, yes <g>).
- How does firstName and surname relate to givenName?
In the example above, I use a name and match the firstName
and surname to that name. But there's no matching fN/s for
the givenN. A parser could create an association:
"if nick == name, then firstName + surname ==
nick", and likewise "if nick == name, then...".
- I think "nick" needs to be further expanded to include
"type" (or "rdf:resource", perhaps? I dunno.) Like:

<foaf:nick rdf:resource="irc://">Morbus</>
<foaf:nick rdf:resource="irc://">MorbusIff</>

Adding a rdf:resource (or whatever) causes some issues, though, as
there'd be no need for foaf:icq or foaf:aim anymore:

<foaf:nick rdf:resource="">2927491</foaf:nick>
<foaf:nick rdf:resource="">morbus_iff</foaf:nick>

In the above example, it'd prolly be aim:// to refer to their
clickable chat thingies, but I don't have that info on me
right now. I think there's something similar for Y!.

edd also just informed me of:

which suggests:

<foaf:Nickname foaf:nickDomain=""
rdf:value="gravling" />

Which seems to have a similar thought process on where
I was heading. That, however, doesn't allow stuff that
is not domaininish (irc:// Maybe I'm wrong.
edd mentioned the thought process had been refined since then.

- Can 'title' also encompass "CEO" for an Organization? Is
it always assumed to be "$title $name" or "$title $firstName
$surname". How does stuff like "Jr." and "Sr" fit in? Surname?

- What about foaf:id?

<danbri> foaf:id -- I thought Libby added it,
but she couldn't remember!
<danbri> I dont' see a need for it

That's all for now. Off to lunch.

Morbus Iff ( i'm the droid you're looking for )
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Please Me:
icq: 2927491 / aim: akaMorbus / yahoo: morbus_iff / morbus

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