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Graham Klyne gk-rdfweb at n...
Sat Jul 13 06:55:12 UTC 2002

At 06:42 PM 7/10/02 +0000, Dan Brickley wrote:
>What else...? Oh yeah, FOAF-as-deployed survey. See the 'scutterstats'
>file(s) in http://rdfweb.org/2002/foaf/ for some rough stats on the
>classes and properties my harvester has encountered.

Per our exchange some time ago, I also used some extra terms for some IETF 
registry work that Mark Nottingham and I were doing.

For descriptions, see:

Some sample data using this (in N3 rather than RDF/XML) is at:

I haven't got round to doing a proper schema for the new stuff yet. (Sorry.)


Graham Klyne
<GK at N...>

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