foafbot 0.1

Edd Dumbill edd at u...
Tue Jul 16 14:21:27 UTC 2002

The first version of my FOAFbot is now available. FOAFbot spiders FOAF
files and allows (limited) questions about what it learns. It has
support for provenance of URLs, with identification provided by PGP

Get it from

NB: this is early stage software, and will most likely be of use to
those either writing similar stuff or with a particularly strong desire
to lose themselves in contemplation of spaghetti code.

Example sessions:

<edd> foafbot, picture of libby and timbl
<foafbot> Picture at -- according to Anon134
<foafbot> Caption: Libby and TimBL walking somewhere.

<edd> foafbot, danbri's homepage
<foafbot> danbri's homepage is '[]',
according to Dan Brickley, Anon163, Anon39

-- Edd
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