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Leigh Dodds leigh at l...
Tue Jul 23 16:27:07 UTC 2002

Danny Ayers wrote:
> What would be nice would be an 'invite a friend' service...

Good idea. I've updated the FOAF-a-matic to make the following

* You can now enter the location of your friends FOAF descriptions,
and an rdfs:seeAlso element is added to the generated FOAF file

* It now supports the following URL parameters:

- name (Your name)
- email (Your email)
- seealso (Location of your FOAF file)

The data in these parameters are used to populate the 'Friend 1' elements
in the form. So you can build links that will invite people to create FOAF
descriptions that link to your own.

For example, here's a FOAF-a-matic link which includes my info:

Quick tests in IE and Netscape shows that it works OK. Let me know if
it doesn't.

I did start doing something more ambitious, by attempting to use
Jim Ley's javascript parser, but I think this delivers the same
functionality with less effort.



Leigh Dodds
"Pluralitas non est ponenda sine necessitate" -- William of Ockham

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