presence detection

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Wed Jul 24 12:34:30 UTC 2002

--- In rdfweb-dev at y..., Ben Hammersley <ben at b...> wrote:
> <delurk>
> This might be a result of too much sugar, but how about an element 
> <foaf:canChatWith>. The same of <foaf:knows>, but dynamically 
> dependent on who is in the same IRC room (or similar) as you, or 
> available on your buddy lists.
> Presence detection with built-in relationships would be 
interesting, I 
> think. especially, ah, in a mobile environment. Anyone else?

I think that's quite an interesting concept. Although I'd wager that 
currently FOAF data resides in static files, rather than dynamically 
generated. But given the skill levels of the people currently using 
FOAF, I'm sure that creating dynamic version won't be a problem.

if there were a foaf:canChatWith we would need some sort of time 
stamp (dc:date maybe) to denote when the file was last updated.

Might also need to include the medium being reported. 
foaf:chatMedium or something similar. that way, we can denote that 
the foaf:canChatWith person is in IRC/ICQ/AIM/etc.

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