[rdfweb-dev] presence detection

Morbus Iff morbus at d...
Fri Jul 26 00:22:16 UTC 2002

>This might be a result of too much sugar, but how about an element of
><foaf:canChatWith>. The same of <foaf:knows>, but dynamically created
>dependent on who is in the same IRC room (or similar) as you, or
>available on your buddy lists.
>Presence detection with built-in relationships would be interesting, I
>think. especially, ah, in a mobile environment. Anyone else?

Ben, could you give me an example of how this would work? I'm not sure I'm
seeing the coolness of it all - how would some external client (reading
your foaf file) use this information? Is it the same sort of ideas behind
the ICQ image on websites, that says when you're online or not? Or perhaps,
if you're in a channel, an aggregate list of :interests could be shown,
giving a "map" of the interests of those you're chatting with?

That'd be kinda interesting, actually.

You've joined #swhack.
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It'd be kinda like a greeter bot, only client side.

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