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Fri Mar 1 01:23:12 UTC 2002

Some very nice SVG articles on XML.com this week.

Server Side SVG

In particular,
...shows how to use the Batik java library to generate JPEGs from SVG.
Just what I wanted to know, as it happens :)

Idea is that once we've got some SVG overlays that describe which bit of a
picture depicts which person etc., we could use SVG and Batik to pull out
just that region, eg. make a scary collage of all the pics of Charles or
Libby that RDFWeb knows about...

Here's the full Java thing: http://www.xml.com/2002/02/27/examples/ArtMaker.java


All other libraries needed by Batik are included in the distribution. As
a consequence the Batik archive is quite big, but after you downloaded it,
you will not need anything else.

...this too is good. Last time I looked at Batik it was a pain to install.

Downloading now... :)


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Dear Reader,

This week XML.com has a special focus on Scalable Vector Graphics,
with articles from three leading SVG writers.

Fabio Arciniegas, in his article "The Visual Display of Quantitative
XML", takes a holistic approach to displaying information visually
with SVG. He covers not only the best SVG and XSLT practices
involved in creating information graphics, but also gives tips on
the appropriate use of graphics to display data. Follow Fabio as
he creates an interactive city nightlife guide at

J. David Eisneberg, the author of O'Reilly's "SVG Essentials,"
demonstrates how the Apache Batik toolkit can be used to generate
SVG server-side. His article shows how to serve SVG to browsers
that accept it, while providing a JPEG or PNG fallback. Read more
at <http://www.xml.com/pub/a/2002/02/27/batik/index.html>.

Our SVG columnist Antoine Quint completes the trio of SVG articles
this week. Antoine introduces the Javascript features of SVG by
showing how to implement interactive drag and drop in an SVG image.
Get stuck into scripting the SVG DOM at

We also have our regular columns this week: John Simpson is back
with his Q&A column, covering creating links in XSLT, and doing
without entities in W3C XML Schemas. XML Q&A is at

Our eagle eye on the XML developer world, Leigh Dodds, has focused on
questions about web services and security recently aired on the XML
developers list XML-DEV. The XML-Deviant summarizes the debate at

I hope you enjoy this week's bumper crop of articles. As ever you
can share your comments on the articles in the forums, or email
them me.

Edd Dumbill
edd at X...
Managing Editor, XML.com

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*** Featured Articles ***

Server Side SVG
SVG tools aren't just for the client side: find out how the Apache
Batik toolkit can enable your web server to SVG on the fly,
providing fallback to JPEG or PNG images for browsers without SVG



The Visual Display of Quantitative XML
A tutorial on how to use SVG and XSLT to present your data in the
most appropriate, efficient and attractive way possible.



Doing That Drag Thang
This month's SVG column explores the coordination of SVG animation
and JavaScript programming in order to create a click-and-drag



In a Lather About Security
This week's XML-Deviant column recounts a recent discussion about
the security of SOAP, RPC, and REST.



Making Links, Breaking Entities
This month's XML Q&A column answers questions about making links
with XSLT and doing without entities in XML Schemas.


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Web3D Consortium Publishes Draft for Royalty-Free Extensible 3D

Governmental Markup Language (GovML) for Online One-Stop E-Government.

UK Office of Government Commerce Publishes CECA XML
Specification Version 2.1.

W3C Publishes Royalty-Free Patent Policy Working Draft.

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