Codepiction idea

Libby Miller libby.miller at b...
Tue Mar 5 10:36:30 UTC 2002

cc'ing damian, who did most of the coding!

hi max
interesting idea, and of course the number of (described at any rate)
people on the photos is somthing we already know. we'll have to have a
little think about implementation - damian is probably the best person
to do that :)

several people have been interested in differing shortest paths, but
noone's come up with this idea, but I think you're right that a smaller
number of people is better 'quality' somehow, maybe because they're more
likely to know each other better.

I wonder if we should direct this to the rdfweb mailing list? (cc'd, I


On Tue, 5 Mar 2002, Max Froumentin wrote:

> While zoning out during the delivery context workshop I had a idea
> for making codepiction. Someone may have had this idea before, in which
> case just ignore this.
> The idea is to introduce link "strenghts" to photos. A photo showing
> me with chaals among 50 people has less value than one where there's
> just the two of us. Indeed I'm more interested by the following path:
> maxf -> danbri -> chaals (where there's few people on each photos),
> rather than maxf -> chaals on a W3C Team group photo, even if the
> former path is shorter.
> In terms of implementation, it's just a matter of assigning a weight
> (or distance) to links from the number of people on the photo, and
> compute the shortest path (using Dijksta's algorithm).
> Max.

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