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> That 49 child user accounts for more bites at one hop than all its
> children combined. Few bitten children become vampires, but the ones that
> do bite enough children to more than compensate.

I found a few more bitten children at
"The Mathematics Genealogy Project"

I started out by tracking back from
Hilbert, and wound up with the Rev:

Christian Andreas Siber (13712 descendants)
Dr. theol. Martin-Luther-Universitaet Halle-Wittenberg
1682: De stylo Novi Testamenti Graeco

It makes sense that we'd find a DD
in here -- they and mathematicians
both have that unhealthy fascination
with the eternal. However, one of
his descendant students was:

Abraham Gotthelf Kaestner (13709 descendants)
Ph.D. Universitaet Leipzig
1739: Theoria radicum in aequationibus

So there's a math dissertation, and
it doesn't take us much further to
find a familiar name:

Carl Friedrich Gauss (13299 descendants)
Ph.D. Universitaet Helmstedt
1799: Demonstratio nova theorematis omnem functionem algebraicam
rationalem integram unius variabilis in factores reales primi vel
secundi gradus resolvi posse

Check out the thesis titles. At least
now we can hear math in the vernacular.

Foogilly bargilly
Liber Apostoli
Calculus latinized
How can I cope?

Droning text translated:
So much for hope.

> It makes me think about the fear of power-law growth, or
> maybe of decentralized networks, embedded in the vampire myth.

On the other hand, I can recommend
(the other) Barber's book _Vampires,
Burial, and Death_.


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