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Doug Ransom doug.ransom at a...
Thu Nov 21 08:37:50 UTC 2002

I could swear i ran across an RDF Wiki a couple weeks ago, but I cannot 
find it in google. Searching for RDF and wiki on the web returns a lot 
about wikis that provide RSS 1.0 documents. Its hard to find wikis 
about RDF. Maybe the semantic web will solve this problem one day.

Anyway, this is interesting beyond an argument for the semantic web. I 
think if the wiki were visible and popular more people would figure out 
and use RDF. I suspect the RDF community (of which I barely am a member 
of) is not aware of the Wiki nor using it, which means a lot of 
expertise and knowledge is getting lost (maybe fragmented is a better 
term) in email lists, peoples heads, and a mishmash of web sites.

If anyone can point me (and the group)to the RDF wiki, I would be 
appreciative. Once it turns up, I challenge anyone with something 
interesting and helpful about RDF to say so on the wiki.

Doug Ransom
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