[rdfweb-dev] Re: Clever foaf icon/badge image?

Dan Brickley danbri at w...
Fri Nov 22 16:48:33 UTC 2002

On Fri, 22 Nov 2002, Bill Kearney wrote:

> > From: Libby Miller <libby.miller at b...>
> >
> > shellac just came up with the the idea for this:
> > http://swordfish.rdfweb.org/~libby/2002/11/foaf/foaf1.jpg
> Too HUGE. Let's aim for the 88x31 size as a max. I'd really like to see the
> badge AND a tiny variation on it.
> > From: Ian Davis <iand at i...>
> >
> > I'm not particularly graphical but I had a go:
> >
> > http://internetalchemy.org/2002/11/foafButton.gif
> > http://internetalchemy.org/2002/11/foafButton1.gif
> NICE! Those look good Ian.
> How about a tiny version that used just the face-circles with a transparent
> background? That'd be handy for using in places where the [xml] buttons fit.
> How about I get an icon polling vote thingy going? We had great success with
> one for the validator badge. I'd be willng to set one up for a foaf badge as
> well.

Sounds good. I dropped the links into a Wiki page at
http://rdfweb.org/rweb/wiki/wiki?FOAFLogoIdeas for safekeeping, but if
you've some better infrastructure for such things, go for it!


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