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Sat Nov 23 10:33:14 UTC 2002

Yes, "The FOAF Button Rules!!" but also from


A new syndication/xml/feed (metadata) button: FOAF. I am not sure about this
one: it doesn't look like a metadata button to me. Should we have Jakob-like
rules for metadata buttons or not?

1. Metadata buttons indicate the name of the standard on the button (not the
name of the format like XML or RDF).
2. Provide a link to a metadata page where you explain your different
metadata feeds, what they include and wether they are stable or experimental
3. Metadata feeds live forever.
4. Metadata buttons have a title attribute explaining the button and link to
the feed directly, not to an intermediate page.

1. sounds good sense to me - if you don't know already, there's no way of
telling what [XML] is for
2. good idea
3. is this just 'cool urls'? what if the feed format changed?
4. that also sounds sensible, but I'm not sure about what happens when using
title & alt - can anyone tell me?

Danny Ayers

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