Ian Davis iand at i...
Fri Nov 29 20:28:34 UTC 2002

While tinkering with some ideas for describing small businesses in a
FOAF-like way[1] it struck me that the most interesting formats are ones
that promote linkage. FOAF has the knows predicate, but how could you
link businesses together. One intriguing way is to describe what a
business has and what it needs, e.g. this company has 'engines'
and needs 'nuts and bolts' and 'lubricating oil'.

It might also be fun to use it with FOAF. I might need 'books written
by Jack Vance' and have 'Eminem cds' that I'm willing to dispose of.

The vocabulary is simple. It has two predicates: wants and has. For a
contrived example, in my FOAF I might add:

<foaf:name>Ian Davis</foaf:name>
<wn:Job />
<wn:Skill rdf:resource="urn:skills:programming:perl">

For a business I might write:

<name>Hackitt n Run</name>
<wn:Job />

The barter vocabulary might open up some interesting network
applications, perhaps finding chains of barterers etc.

-- Ian <iand at i...>
"If we knew what it was we were doing, it would not be called research, would it?"


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