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Sat Nov 30 12:47:34 UTC 2002

Yes, this should be a very fruitful area to explore. I particularly like the 
idea of supporting small businesses. I've also tinkered a little, 
experimenting with 'foafshop' files linked in from one's main foaf.rdf doc,
and describing a set of offerering of items, each with price and dublin core
info. I'm certainly not married to that particular format proposal. There are 
lots of ways we could do this. And (as is always the way) they overlap with 
various RDF/XML vocabularies that folk are developing.

Some pre-8am saturday scribbles:

* organisations as well as people can publish and seeAlso-crossreference
foaf.rdf files
* organisations more than people will have use for geographic location info
(lattitude, longitude; postcode, street address etc)
* we should finish adding the address vocab to foaf
* ...and settle on some geo vocab
* describing skills and interests is a common task across jobs, cvs and
'here is what i'm interested in' apps. We still handwave on this. 
We should be able to express interest and/or skill in a topic area... 
* using an indicative page, eg 'I'm interested in the topic indicated 
by the page http://www.w3.org/RDF/'
* ...using library or open directory categories, eg. 'this job 
requires skill in the topic whose DMoz category is ...'
* Buy'n'sell apps will be fun. We can (per foafshop example) use 
some fairly generic vocab to talk about the price and characteristics
of _instances_ of numerous classes. For this I'd use Wordnet as a bootstrap.
eg. one might describe an instance of wn:Car, and also provide a photo of 
that particular car.
* for purchasing, we could talk about classes rather than instances. A shop 
might describe itself via address, geo vocab, use rdf-calendar for opening 
hours, and then list the classes of thing (wn:Bread, wn:Meat, wn:Candlestick) 
that it typically sells.
* (lost the url for this) Libby and I once set about photographing all the 
shops in a busy street in Bristol (Glocester Rd) thinking we'd catalogue 
some of them in this way as a testbed, complete with GPS data from my palm.
Would be nice to revisit that...

Anyways, my foafshop scribble is at http://rdfweb.org/people/danbri/rdfweb/danbri-foafshop.rdf 
...I welcome any thoughts on how these different approaches compare.

More urls: 

(this moved; I should put in a redirect)

http://foafnaut.org/ -> http://www.grorg.org/2002/10/foafcorp/
http://www.grorg.org/2002/10/foafcorp/foafcorp.svg (dean's svg viewer :)

Does anyone have some data describing small businesses (shops etc) we could 
use to experiment with variations on such markup? Or stuff you want 
to sell? ;-)

I suspect we'll only see lots of foafshop-style data once there are apps 
that consume it, eg. foafbot, foafnaut and the www-based foaf aggregators 
don't currently expose it.


...are also interesting reads when thinking about these kinds of app. 
The trust-metrics issue will become increasingly important if we're looking 
at matchmaking arbitrary buyers and sellers via foaf...



* Ian Davis <iand at i...> [2002-11-29 20:28+0000]
> While tinkering with some ideas for describing small businesses in a
> FOAF-like way[1] it struck me that the most interesting formats are ones
> that promote linkage. FOAF has the knows predicate, but how could you
> link businesses together. One intriguing way is to describe what a
> business has and what it needs, e.g. this company has 'engines'
> and needs 'nuts and bolts' and 'lubricating oil'.
> It might also be fun to use it with FOAF. I might need 'books written
> by Jack Vance' and have 'Eminem cds' that I'm willing to dispose of.
> The vocabulary is simple. It has two predicates: wants and has. For a
> contrived example, in my FOAF I might add:
> <foaf:Person>
> <foaf:name>Ian Davis</foaf:name>
> <barter:wants>
> <wn:Job />
> </barter:wants>
> <barter:has>
> <wn:Skill rdf:resource="urn:skills:programming:perl">
> </barter:has>
> </foaf:Person>
> For a business I might write:
> <Business>
> <name>Hackitt n Run</name>
> <barter:has>
> <wn:Job />
> </barter:has>
> <barter:needs>
> <foaf:Person>
> <barter:has>
> <wn:Skill
> rdf:resource="urn:skills:programming:perl">
> </barter:has>
> </foaf:Person>
> </barter:needs>
> </Business>
> The barter vocabulary might open up some interesting network
> applications, perhaps finding chains of barterers etc.
> -- Ian <iand at i...>
> "If we knew what it was we were doing, it would not be called research, would it?"
> [1] http://internetalchemy.org/2002/11/describingBusinessesInXML.html
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