[rdfweb-dev] Best Practice for working with RDF in code

Danny Ayers danny666 at v...
Tue Oct 1 16:31:42 UTC 2002

>> >Is the best practice to use an RDF library build ontop of an XML
>> >parser to deal with RDF, or to use XSLT to convert RDF to some tree
>> >structure, or what?
>> Not sure about best practice, but the first approach you mention is that
>> used by quite a lot of tools, whereas the second is a bit iffy because of
>> the difference in graph/tree models.
>right, though Max Froumentin has done an XSLT to RDF N-triple parser:

I take back what I said regarding iffyness - this is great! Just tried this
on some fairly lumpy RDF and it worked a treat (using XML Cooktop, which I
think uses MSXML for xslt).

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