svg codepiction UI bug: name <-> mailbox

Dan Brickley danbri at w...
Sat Oct 5 11:53:01 UTC 2002

Hi Jim,

I've just been revisiting your nifty Codepiction / image annotation tool

It's pretty slick as a codepictionator now, but I think I've found a bug
in the UI: in the form that shows up below the picture, you have name and
mailbox back to front. So I've just added some bad data, since I
'corrected' (ie broke) the entries in those columns.

The image url was

I've lost the URL for the generated RDF, and have successfully added a
fixed up version. Any chance you and Lib can help me clear up the mess?

I looked in
but can't find the url, ie

It'd be fun to encourage a whole bunch of people to use this tool, but I
don't want to make loads of helpdesky work for you and libby when people
mess up (as will happen, see above!). Am wondering what we could do to
make it easier to fix errors etc...

Anyway, nice work :)


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