[rdfweb-dev] FOAF, RDDL, and me

Jim Ley jim at j...
Sun Oct 6 17:29:41 UTC 2002

"Doug Ransom" <doug_ransom at t...>
> I would like to create a FOAF file for myself. Should I give myself a
> place a RDDL document at that URI which provides links to a FOAF file
> if so, what are the nature and purpose).

Nah, no-one will use your URI, as they'll never bother looking it up,
they know your email address though, yes you have a number, but that's
okay, the semantic web will soon know the person with
doug_ransom at t... and Doug.Ransom at p... are the same person (*)

> I am not too deep into RDF and don't plan to get too deep. Would
> reference me with a URI to my rddl page, to my foaf page, or just with
> email address (of which I have a fiew).

They'll just say, there's a person, the person has your email address (or
just the sha1sum of it) the agents know that email address are
unambigous (I know e-mail addresses aren't, but you're only "allowed" to
use one that is) so it knows that two foaf:Person's with the same
foaf:mbox are the same person.

> Is anyone embedding their FOAF into their XHTML home page (and would
> perhaps be a better practice)?

until browsers actually start supporting XHTML, I can't see any point, no
user would ever know about the RDF info, as none would be getting the
XHTML document (we can't embed RDF into a document sent as text/html, as
it would not be a valid document for that mime-type, well if you embedded
it in any useful way.) using LINK to it, or as a simple <a href as many
people do from their blogs, seems a sensible approach.

I don't really see resource discovery too much of a problem, if we can
link everyone to everyone in 6 degrees, foaf:knows rdfs:seeAlso is likely

(*) If you are indeed, I have no idea of course, I just looked at google.

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