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Mon Oct 21 21:19:49 UTC 2002

Hello, everyone.
My name is Masahiro Hamasaki.
I made the simple system using FOAF.
# but, it can only use output format. don't use it useful.
# this system can't do searching, reasoning and etc.

At firts, a motivetion of making this system is
to make the crossref for the persons(researchers).
# crossref: http://www.crossref.org/

There is a lot of researchers and there is a lot of organization.
A researcher alomost has the homepage in own organization's domain.
But, a reseacher often changes organization.
As a result, it is difficult for us to find
the researcher's information such as homepage.
So, I want to make human networks on the web.

This system aimed to create human networks on the web.
And I think it's an interesting as a tool for
creating personal metadata easily.
(In this system, we reagrd a link as a metadata.)
To create other's profile is more easily than own's.

Acknowledge Shake Hands System (Acksh)

It is a very very cheap system.
But, I think that it has a potential to become a very fun.
If you have an interests of this system, please use it.
You can only input your name, e-mail and password.

When I found FOAF at IBM web site, I am very surprised at it.
Because I have to make new RDF format like FOAF.

I heared that "FOAF is vaporware".
In japanese character, "Vapor" is made from "human" and "dream".
I wisth that dreams come true...

Sorry, I am not good at English.
So, you may think a sense of incongruity.

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