[rdfweb-dev] FOAF Use Case

Jim Ley jim at j...
Tue Oct 22 13:44:06 UTC 2002

"Doug" <doug_ransom at t...>
> I am currently using rdfpic to put descriptions of photographs into
> those photos for a ski trip of last year. It would be nice if there
> were a URI scheme to identify the members (none of whome have a foaf
> file). I will eventually mine this data to produce a set of web
> pages and and RDF index which I hope will survive for 50 years (lets
> see how long xhtml 1 is supported by browsers).

I assume you're using an old version of RDFPic as the current version
lets you describe the people in the file in RDF aswell as just the

Also, tools exist to do stuff with this information, converting it into
SVG mostly...

I don't use RDFPic, but my tool (
http://jibbering.com/svg/AnnotateImage.html ) produces similar RDF (yes
we interoperate...) and then I have various tools which take this RDF and
produce various outputs, others not mentioned that page are
http://jibbering.com/2002/8/img-desc.svg (or the talking version
http://jibbering.com/2002/9/talking.html ) and
http://jibbering.com/rdf/codepiction.1 all using the base RDF.

To identify the people you can just not give them an email address, and
there's no problem (well it would be useful if you could as otherwise we
can't know that the person in one picture is the same as the person in
another) e.g.

<foaf:nick>freddie the frog</foaf:nick>
<foaf:name>Fred Bloggs</foaf:name>

You don't need an actual URI for the person.


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