FOAF Schema

Jason Bell (Pharmalicensing) jason at p...
Mon Oct 28 11:39:58 UTC 2002

Dear All

I've been thinking about some odds and ends over the weekend, mainly about
increasing the potential to working groups of members.


Could "geekcode" be changed to "skillSummary" or something. The mention of
geek implies technical and "computery" thus loosing mass appeal. I suppose
I could use "interest" but that implies personal interests, well it does to

If I want to put a team of developers together that have Java, XSLT and JSP
and that info was in the "skillSummary" property then I could search on that
and return a list of names/email addresses. That's the sort of thing I am
aiming for.

Lastly, I was talking to Dan about the inclusion of another website url
property for weblogs or journals.

Got that off my chest.... :)

Kind regards
Jason Bell

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