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I agree with Jason's point. Its fun to be fun, but it can be an impediment
to success sometimes.
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Dear All

I've been thinking about some odds and ends over the weekend, mainly about
increasing the potential to working groups of members.

>> http://xmlns.com/foaf/0.1/geekcode

Could "geekcode" be changed to "skillSummary" or something. The mention
geek implies technical and "computery" thus loosing mass appeal. I
I could use "interest" but that implies personal interests, well it does

If I want to put a team of developers together that have Java, XSLT and
and that info was in the "skillSummary" property then I could search on
and return a list of names/email addresses. That's the sort of thing I am
aiming for.

Lastly, I was talking to Dan about the inclusion of another website url
property for weblogs or journals.

Got that off my chest.... :)

Kind regards
Jason Bell

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