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Thu Oct 31 08:32:48 UTC 2002

foaf:geekcode really means 'geek code':


The Geek Code is basicly a (small) part of Internet history. When I did
the first incarnation of the code back in '93, it was as a lark.
Eventually, it evolved into the form you see online now and has remained
virtually unchanged since that time.

I've always meant to, and still hope to, someday get back to the code and
release a new version for the new century that was more modern and hip and
all that.

It's inclusion a tribute to an ancestor technology ;-)

Geekcode spec: http://www.geekcode.com/geek.html

Being able to characterise skills in a more general way is something we
should do. foaf:interest sort of does that, but doesn't distinguish
aspiration from ability. I can think of two ingredients: the 'identify via
a relevant homepage' trick; eg. Java via http://java.sun.com/, and the
identify via a subject code eg. the open directory categories. Then
there's the question of characterising skill levels where something
similar to the unspellable Advogato (http://www.advogato.org/) site's
Apprentice, Journeyer, and Master distinction might be useful.

Once upon a time I did an ILRT site (Grapevine) that tried to do CVs and
Job listings properly, and I retain an interest in figuring out how to do
this properly (ie. not just geek stuff for early adopters). There have
also been some proposals here and in RSS circles w.r.t. CVs and Jobs in
RDF/XML that should be investigated...

Anyhow I agree with the points below. The humour/mischief side of FOAF
shouldn't get in the way of its applicability to apps like this. But I
think getting the skills/jobs/cv stuff 'right' is a significantly harder
problem than listing a few personal interests, or doing the photos
metadata and pointers-to-friends bit.



On Wed, 30 Oct 2002, Doug Ransom wrote:

> I agree with Jason's point. Its fun to be fun, but it can be an impediment
> to success sometimes.
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> Dear All
> I've been thinking about some odds and ends over the weekend, mainly about
> increasing the potential to working groups of members.
> >> http://xmlns.com/foaf/0.1/geekcode
> Could "geekcode" be changed to "skillSummary" or something. The mention
> of
> geek implies technical and "computery" thus loosing mass appeal. I
> suppose
> I could use "interest" but that implies personal interests, well it does
> to
> me.
> If I want to put a team of developers together that have Java, XSLT and
> and that info was in the "skillSummary" property then I could search on
> that
> and return a list of names/email addresses. That's the sort of thing I am
> aiming for.
> Lastly, I was talking to Dan about the inclusion of another website url
> property for weblogs or journals.
> Got that off my chest.... :)
> Kind regards
> Jase
> --
> Jason Bell

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