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Further to recent comments on whitelisting and hiding email addresses, I 
thought this might be of interest...


>A New Internet-Draft is available from the on-line Internet-Drafts 
> Title : The Hashed URI
> Author(s) : C. Feather
> Filename : draft-feather-hashed-uri-03.txt
> Pages : 7
> Date : 2002-9-17
>There are situations where it is desirable to determine whether two
>URIs are identical without revealing the value of one or the other if
>they are not. For example, the publisher of filtering software may want
>to provide a set of URLs to be filtered without identifying the actual
>resources in question.
>This problem has traditionally been done using cryptographically
>secure hashes. The two items are both hashed and the resulting values
>then compared. If they are equal it can be assumed that the two original
>items were equal as well; if not, the hash does not reveal anything
>about the original item. This technique is eminently suitable for this
>This document describes a 'hashed' URI naming scheme for representing
>the hashed form of a URI [RFC2396] as another URI.
>A URL for this Internet-Draft is:

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