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Seth Russell seth at r...
Wed Sep 25 00:02:45 UTC 2002

Mark Pilgrim wrote:

>[foaf:Person foaf:name="Dan Brickley"]
>[rdfs:seeAlso rdf:resource="http://rdfweb.org/people/danbri/rdfweb/danbri-foaf.rdf"/]
>[!-- other properties here if you care, eg foaf:homepage --]
>[!-- other channel stuff --]

The problem with rdfs:seeAlso is that people use it to point to just any 
old resource, so a RDF process that wants to know how to parse the 
target resource must guess either about it's grammar (probably from the 
file extension or by actually dereferencing the target) This is more 
devistating where the triple is something like <rsfs:seeAlso 
rdf:resource="http://foo/people/mark/">. It's really hard to guess 
what the seeAlso is pointing at in that case and dereferencing is 
usually not an option. I have suggested a new property called "semref". 
The range of a semref is always a XML/RDF file. No guessing .... 
'semref' would allow us to link into the RDF of the semantic web from 
RSS (of any verison), from other RDF resources, as well as XHTML just 
as reliably as <a href> creates hyperlinks. Desktop aggrigators could 
even create a little icon whenever they display a channel or a item 
with a semref .. clicking on the icon would dive into the RDF display 
mode on the target resource. 

Seth Russell

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